Project management and business development: integrating strategy, structure, processes and projects

A.P Van Der Merwe
2002 International Journal of Project Management  
The classical school of business development supposed that rationality in structure and process where attained by a theory that de®ned"one best way" of doing things. The theory was based on four pillars: division of labour, scalar and functional processes, structure, and span of control. Modern business development places more emphasis on strategy that aims to delight customers, processes that lead to the ultimate of eciency and in®nitely¯at organisational structures to manage by projects.
more » ... isational theory is rich in the research of strategic management with speci®c interest in analysis, objective setting and the eect of organisational structure. But strategies do not fail when they are being analysed or when the objectives are being set. They fail during implementation and, more particularly, due to the lack of proper project management. Equally, there are many publications on business processes, without any regard to the natural scienti®c explanation of process theory. Even though business process reengineering is discussed in project management circles it remains a mystery as to how this interrelates with organisational theory. Abundant literature is available on the eect that the implementation of strategy has on organisational structure, but void on the interrelation of business processes and the role of project management in relation to strategy and structure. Particularly, on the integration and eect that strategy, structure, processes and projects have on one another. Of note is the fact that project management literature concentrates exclusively on the PROJECT and there is little research done on MANAGEMENT as it applies to the general management of an organisation. This research analysed MANAGEMENT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT in an attempt to ®nd the application and integration of strategy, structure, processes and projects in order to facilitate the development of a business. #
doi:10.1016/s0263-7863(01)00012-6 fatcat:avk5cghc5vgrxiqv4hwqzhnzue