An Effective Model of Confidentiality Management of Digital Archives in a Cloud Environment

Jian Xie, Shaolong Xuan, Weijun You, Zongda Wu, Huiling Chen
2022 Electronics  
Aiming at the problem of confidentiality management of digital archives on the cloud, this paper presents an effective solution. The basic idea is to deploy a local server between the cloud and each client of an archive system to run a confidentiality management model of digital archives on the cloud, which includes an archive release model, and an archive search model. (1) The archive release model is used to strictly encrypt each archive file and archive data released by an administrator and
more » ... enerate feature data for the archive data, and then submit them to the cloud for storage to ensure the security of archive-sensitive data. (2) The archive search model is used to transform each query operation defined on the archive data submitted by a searcher, so that it can be correctly executed on feature data on the cloud, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of archive search. Finally, both theoretical analysis and experimental evaluation demonstrate the good performance of the proposed solution. The result shows that compared with others, our solution has better overall performance in terms of confidentiality, accuracy, efficiency and availability, which can improve the security of archive-sensitive data on the untrusted cloud without compromising the performance of an existing archive management system.
doi:10.3390/electronics11182831 fatcat:ab7monzz2zbwperdb4bbqmtjse