An Experimental Performance of Output Power Comparison between Fixed, Single, and Dual-axis Sun Tracking System in Under Climate Conditions of Baghdad, Iraq

Karrar Hameed Kadhim, Boris Lukutin
2019 Zenodo  
Solar energy is one of the most reliable alternative energy sources in this modern era. A thousand researches on improving the efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) system are ongoing to make it more competitive among all other available renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic cells are used to capture energy from sunlight to convert into electricity. When multiple units of photovoltaic cells are grouped together as one directed unit on a single surface called a Photovoltaic panel. But these
more » ... el. But these photovoltaic panels are ineffective because they are fixed in only one direction and are at a specific angle. But we can easily overcome this problem by using the sun-tracking solar panel system. The solar tracking system is one of the best approaches to harvest more solar energy from the PV system compared to the fixed panel system. Solar tracker follows the position of the sun throughout the day from east to west on a daily and seasonal basis. This paper presents the performance comparison between the fixed panel, single-axis, and dual-axis sun-tracking solar panel system. This paper presents the design and constructs a simple and economical single, fixed and dual-axis solar tracking system. The effect of fixed, single and dual-axis solar tracker system are examined at Baghdad, Iraq of four seasons at 2015.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3559728 fatcat:cyekrye4rjhajlnsvjewk4l6tu