Improved Dynamic Memory Network for Dialogue Act Classification with Adversarial Training [article]

Yao Wan, Wenqiang Yan, Jianwei Gao, Zhou Zhao, Jian Wu, Philip S. Yu
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Dialogue Act (DA) classification is a challenging problem in dialogue interpretation, which aims to attach semantic labels to utterances and characterize the speaker's intention. Currently, many existing approaches formulate the DA classification problem ranging from multi-classification to structured prediction, which suffer from two limitations: a) these methods are either handcrafted feature-based or have limited memories. b) adversarial examples can't be correctly classified by traditional
more » ... raining methods. To address these issues, in this paper we first cast the problem into a question and answering problem and proposed an improved dynamic memory networks with hierarchical pyramidal utterance encoder. Moreover, we apply adversarial training to train our proposed model. We evaluate our model on two public datasets, i.e., Switchboard dialogue act corpus and the MapTask corpus. Extensive experiments show that our proposed model is not only robust, but also achieves better performance when compared with some state-of-the-art baselines.
arXiv:1811.05021v1 fatcat:czvoihwvsnccxossnctqvom6wa