Effects of a multiprofessional rehabilitation programme for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Monika Gustafsson, Jan Ekholm, Lisbet Broman
2002 Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine  
The present study sought to evaluate the ef cacy of a 12week multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme mainly emphasizing physiotherapy, for patients with either bromyalgia syndrome or chronic, widespread pain. Forty-three non-randomized female patients with bromyalgia syndrome or chronic, widespread pain were assigned to the programme or served as waiting-list controls. The outcome was assessed with the Body Awareness Scale-Health, the Multidimensional Pain Inventory, the Quality of Life
more » ... , the Visual Analogue Scale and a pain drawing. Both groups were reassessed after 3 and 6 months, the treatment group also after 1 year. The treatment group improved in quality of movement and in vegetative disturbances according to the Body Awareness Scale-Health after the programme. At the 3-month and 1-year follow-ups the improvements were partly sustained. The control group showed deterioration after 3 and 6 months in three of the main scales of the Body Awareness Scale-Health. This clinical trial of a rehabilitation programme, proved bene cial for improving quality of movement and reducing the experience of vegetative disturbances.
doi:10.1080/165019702753714147 pmid:12395939 fatcat:g7lekztuyrhexmlup5w5hjce4q