2019 Nanotechnology and Advanced Material Science  
The application of nano materials, in developing a novel class of fiberoptic modulators, is presented. The developed modulators are capable of high speed modulation up to 140 Gbps. The technology is based on building the device directly on the surface of the optical fiber core in a cylindrical symmetrical and uniform fashion, for polarization independent and ultra high speed applications. The design of the device is based on modifying optical fibers by removing the fiber jacket and the passive
more » ... et and the passive cladding materials off a very short length of the fiber. Then, the fiber core, in the modified section, is coated with a multilayer structure of nano-materials. This modified cladding includes a nano layer of high-speed electro-optic polymer sandwiched between two nano metallic electrodes, for modulating signals application. In this way, the device speed can reach up to 140Gbps and more, based on the polymer's improved electro-optic properties. Also, this structure can eliminates polarization dependent problems associated with all available integrated rectangular waveguide modulators. Which are used in most optical telecomm networks. Demonstration prototypes have been manufactured and successfully tested, and the proof of concept is completed.
doi:10.31038/nams.2019222 fatcat:ibrtozsaqvg3lilabdp2teqryi