Varietal comparison of proximate composition and mineral profiling of Pakistan native barberry powder

Madiha Batool, Aurangzeb Khan, Tara Khursheed, Sadaf A, Tanzeel Shahid, Morad Yaser Al Mostafa
2021 Pakistan BioMedical Journal  
Berberis Vulgaris fruit (barberry) also commonly known as "zereshk" is one of the world's renowned medicinal plant with highly nutritious and therapeutic values, world widely. It is an elongated, 8-10mm long, bright red colored, fruit. Berberidaceae family; B. vulgaris fruit is very useful tonic for liver, heart, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys. It prevents chronic bleeding disorders, purifies blood, lowers blood cholesterol level, blood pressure and most importantly it help to treat
more » ... p to treat diabetes. In addition it is effective in treatment of parasitic liver, kidney stones, gout, colon cancer, prostate inflammation, fever, asthma and malaria. Objective: This study is aimed to check the mineral and chemical profiling of Pakistan native barberry fruit. Methods: Proximate analysis of three different varieties (BVF01, BVF02, and BVF03) of B. vulgaris fruit from different three regions Azad Kashmir, Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan demonstrated a nutritional composition in range of 77.43, 70.08, 73.12% for moisture, 0.98, 0.76, 0.89% for crude ash, 0.42, 0.33, 0.39% for crude fat, 1.53, 1.32, 1.44% for crude protein, 2.76, 2.64, 2.75% for crude fiber, 16.88, 24.87, 21.41% for Nitrogen free extract (NFE).The different varieties of barberry contained the ranges of minerals such as calcium 2724.70, 2584.13, 2693.59ppm, magnesium 998.46, 944.06, 986.32ppm, potassium 12189.75, 11,114.21, 12021.19ppm, sodium 1402.16, 872.38, 1269.44ppm, iron 449.67, 334.58, 396.90ppm, zinc 8.42, 13.78, 29.5ppm, copper 15.11, 5.45, 11.63ppm, manganese 32.5, 25.86, 28.91ppm(mg/L), respectively. Conclusions: The type of barberry cultivated in Azad Kashmir is the best having good proximate composition and highest minerals amount as compared to Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan cultivated barberry.
doi:10.52229/pbmj.v4i1.54 fatcat:jg75decmqbfqjieiaawhiqlkca