A Comprehensive Analysis of Bucket Wheel Conveyor for Lifting and Conveying Granular Materials

Shahanaz Akther Sathi, Dipta Das Pranta, Supti Saha, Jawat Kabir Fahim, Hayder Hossain Rahat, Toukir Ahmed
2020 Zenodo  
In the modern world, it is of great importance to transfer materials from one place to another without the help of the workers and reduce the life threats. The objective of this research work is to construct a machine that can lift and convey granular materials without the help of manpower. Over and above, this machine is not only confined in transferring coals but also can be used in glass manufacturing industries, construction sites, foundry shops which will increase the company's profit.
more » ... was designed based on some assigned themes and also according to the steps of product design like Market Analysis by surveying, Quality Function Deployment(QFD), Functional Decomposition, Specification and Design Analysis, Material Selection Process, Manufacturing Process Selection, Cost Analysis. In Market Analysis a survey was performed to know the customer requirements. Ensuring the customer requirements and technical requirements a relation was made between these two requirements by QFD. Then the design of the machine was specified. In addition, the material and manufacturing processes were selected. Moreover, a cost analysis was done based on break-even analysis. Ensuring these factors, this analysis was able to reduce production time. A prototype of the machine was made to taste the overall production time based on the budget. From the cost analysis, it was found that the per-unit cost of the machine will be 21,146 BDT and the estimated profit will be 26,97,500 BDT if the sell is 600 units. As it is a prototype, it can convey materials 2.3 tons/hour. But with some modification & further development the capacity of this machine can be increased more. Also when the full scale industrial model is produced a whole new array of functions can be added to the machine. For bigger machine the capacity will increase 5 times more than 2.3 tons/hour as the power of motor will also increase.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4581203 fatcat:mjuqs44m6rekdj3snndtc6xuvu