Optimizing dispatching strategy based on multicriteria heuristics for AGVs in automated container terminal
자동화 컨테이너 터미널의 복수 규칙 기반 AGV 배차전략 최적화

Jeong-Min Kim, Ri Choe, Tae-Jin Park, Kwang-Ryul Ryu
2011 Journal of Navigation and Port Research  
This paper focuses on dispatching strategy for AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle). The goal of AGV dispatching is assigning AGVs to requested job to minimizing the delay of QCs and the travel distance of AGVs. Due to the high dynamic nature of container terminal environment, the effect of dispatching is hard to predict thus it leads to frequent modification of dispatching decisions. In this situation, approaches based on a single rule are widely used due to its simplicity and small computational
more » ... st. However, these approaches have a limitation that cannot guarantee a satisfactory performance for the various performance measures. In this paper, dispatching strategy based on multicriteria heuristics is proposed. The Proposed strategy consists of multiple decision criteria. A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm is applied to optimize weights of those criteria. The result of simulation experiment shows that the proposed approach outperforms single rule-based dispatching approaches.
doi:10.5394/kinpr.2011.35.6.501 fatcat:kqmra6kzz5fy7k42wkflatj4gy