Performance theorems for the resource scheduling functions of a multiprocessing system [report]

George Nicol
2000 unpublished
J under control of Mj. Xj also receives new resources via R. The dotted lines indicate communications flow. For example, the dotted line from M. to R. indicates that MJ. can J J communicate orders or instructions to Rj but since the arrow· is one way, Rj does not communicate orders to Mj. Notice that M. also can give orders to s. or P .• The dotted line from E J J J indexing set I, W = {xj: j is in r}. Wis called the world system. Let K denote a resource sink. That is, when a resource is
more » ... resource is destroyed or in some other way deemed totally useless or valueless, it goes into K. The set R = {KJ V {R.: J i is in IJ .is called the world resource set. Let J = f i,j,k} = I. The coupling product of X. and X., l .
doi:10.15760/etd.2779 fatcat:2odtrtwtujdznabtrmkjqjjpsm