Investigation of Recombination Effects in Dielectric Barrier Discharges: A Model

Khalil Arshak, Ivor Guiney, Edward Forde
2007 2007 IEEE Pulsed Power Plasma Science Conference  
This paper outlines specific variations in recombination coefficients for charged particles (electrons and ions) and how these variations affect the onset of saturation of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs). By solving continuity equations for electrons and ionsI, with the application of dielectric dependent boundary conditions, in conjunction with the Boltzmann equation, the effect of different recombination processes was modeled numerically. Incorporation of previously
more » ... nconsidered atmospheric reactions into the continuity equations make this model unique for atmospheric air DBDs. The dependence of the recombination processes on kinetic temperature, field drift and autoionization were investigated and each pulse of the applied AC electric field was considered up to a saturation threshold2. Results show a strong dependence of the kinetic temperature of electrons on the recombination coefficient and it was additionally found that the plasma approached saturation more quickly when autoionization was considered.
doi:10.1109/ppps.2007.4345596 fatcat:r2ex6jsfdrcenbm7smikruap7u