Микроволновая вольт-импедансная спектроскопия полупроводников

А.Н. Резник, Н.В. Востоков, Н.К. Вдовичева, В.И. Шашкин
2020 Журнал технической физики  
We have tested experimentally the proposed method of microwave volt-impedance spectroscopy of semiconductors. The method allows to determine the local values of the semiconductor electrophysical parameters. The studies were performed on a homogeneous single-crystal GaAs wafer with a concentric antenna system formed on its surface. The resolution is determined by the diameter of the antenna central disk, which was amounted a = 12, 27, 57 μm. A constant bias voltage of 0 ≤ U ≤ 5 V was applied
more » ... een the contact pads of the antennas. The complex impedance spectrum Z (f, U) of each antenna was measured using a Cascade Microtech probe station in the frequency range f = 0.1 - 10 GHz. The electrophysical characteristics of the semiconductor were determined from Z(f, U) spectra by the inverse problem solving. We have established the n-type for our semiconductor and determined the electrical potential difference on the metal-semiconductor interface. We have found as well the electron concentration, mobility and conductivity. Measurements of the same parameters by Hall four-probe method (giving the surface averaging) showed good mutual agreement of the results for the homogeneous sample under study.
doi:10.21883/jtf.2020.11.49988.115-20 fatcat:d56f7axgxrdn7b7eebvgeejtfi