The Influence Of Mental Membership Methods On Change Of Humidity Level Of Students-Footballs

Pavlyshyn Oksana, Mozharovska Svitlana, Mozharovskyi Yurii
2018 Zenodo  
The article investigates "anxiety" as an emotional state. On the basis of the analysis of previous scientific studies, the relevance of the topic under study was highlighted. The results of theoretical analysis and empirical research of change in the level of situational anxiety during the sports activity of students - football players are presented. It is stressed that anxiety is one of the main characteristics of an individual, which determines the success of an athlete's performance in
more » ... erformance in competitions. Since the level of anxiety during sports activities is due, primarily, to the influence of situational factors of competitive activity, and depends not only on the level of high physical, technical and tactical readiness, but also on the psychological readiness of the athlete. The article presents the results of changes in the psychoemotional state of students - football players. The personal and situational anxiety during sports activity is investigated. The change in the level of situational anxiety of students - football players during sports activity is determined and analyzed. The influence of psycho-self-regulation methods on the level of anxiety of students -football players, namely the effect of autogenous training on the level of anxiety of students-football players, was researched and evaluated. Based on the generalized data, it has been proved that the methods of psychic self-regulation positively affect the level of anxiety of students -footballers. The use of the method of autogenous training based on classical Schulz method, which is based on the application of muscle relaxation, self-induction and self-education, helps to reduce the level of situational anxiety of students -footballers during sports activities. Taking into account the theoretical analysis and the conclusions of the empirical research, the prospect of further study of this problem is determined.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1293594 fatcat:wqf2jwuwgnf6job2doenkd3haa