Implementasi Teori Waktu Dengung Pada Balai Musik Jazz di Surakarta Studi Kasus : Auditorium Dan Jazz Club

Talisa Audryn, Amin Sumadyo, Avi Marlina
2020 Arsitektura  
<p>Surakarta has high interest in the development of music such as Jazz music. This issue can be seen from the existence of the largest Jazz music community in Surakarta that actively organizes regular events named SoJazz Society. Surakarta also has an annual routine event named Solo City Jazz. However, all of Jazz music events in Surakarta do not have an appropriate place acoustically based on reverberation time. The purpose of this design is to implementing reverberation time in the interior
more » ... esign of the auditorium and jazz club of Jazz Music Hall in Surakarta. According to the planning location in Surakarta, there is a possibility of collaboration between Jazz music and Central Javanese music because the city of Surakarta is famous for traditional performing arts. Beside that, Jazz music and Traditional music also have the same reverberation time range. The method used in this design is quantitative regarding to reverberation time. The result of this design are Auditorium and Jazz Club which are designed with the arrangement of centralized speaker and the application of Heradesign, Thermatex, Plasterboard, cloth, carpet and wood materials in this design. Auditorium designed with hexagonal shape, the distance between spectators and performers is not more than 40m. </p>
doi:10.20961/arst.v18i1.34648 fatcat:d4hvb4agwfasria3wccsq3btpi