Abstracts of the Proceedings of the Chemical Society, Vol. 5, No. 68

1889 Proceedings of the Chemical Society London  
Kensington. This gas, the existence of which was announced by the authors in 1888 (vide Trans" 53, 766), may be made by the action of arsenic trifluoride on thiophosphoryl chloride, or by heating a mixture of bismuth trifluoride, or better, lead fluoride, with phosphorus penta-6 ul p hide. As the gas is readily acted on by the air or by moisture, and is decomposed at a moderately high temperature, it is necessary to take certain precautions i n the preparation if it is wished to obtain it pure.
more » ... to obtain it pure. The air in the apparatus should be displaced by dry nitrogen, and the mixture should be heated in a leaden vessel to a temperature not
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