A Novel Grid Connected Multilevel DC-DC Boost Converter based Fuel Cell based Power System

P Priya, D Ravi Kishore
2016 www.ijmtst.com 130 Proceedings of National Conference on Computing, Electrical, Electronics and Sustainable Energy Systems   unpublished
In this paper new topologies and interleaving modulation concepts for grid connected multilevel DC-DC boost converter enabling a significantly less loss and a reduced chip size of the power semiconductors are proposed. The distributed generation (DG) systems based on the renewable energy sources have rapidly developed in recent years. These DG systems are powered by micro sources such as fuel cells, photovoltaic (PV) systems, and batteries. Fuel cells are considered to be one of the most
more » ... ng sources of distributed energy because of their high efficiency, low environmental impact and scalability. Non-isolated high step-up DC-DC converters are required in the industrial applications. Many of these conventional DC-DC converters have the disadvantages of operating at high duty-cycle, high switch voltage stress and high diode peak current. A three-level step up converter is implemented to boost the fuel cell stack voltage of 96V to 340V. The proposed converter consists a system of fuel cell based Multilevel DC-DC converter with PI controller is modeled and simulated by using Matlab/Simulink.