Yaşam kalitesinin yordayıcısı olarak sağlıklı yaşam biçimi davranışları: Tıp Fakültesi öğretim elemanları örneği

Hacer DEVRAN, Ayşenur BEYAZIT ÜÇGÜN, Mustafa Volkan YÜREKLİ, Ersin USKUN
2021 Turkish Journal of Public Health  
Objective: Quality of life reflects an individual's perception of their position in life. Healthy lifestyle behaviours are behaviours that an individual believes and applies to stay healthy and to protect against diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the healthy lifestyle behaviours and quality of life of faculty members and research assistants working in a medical school and to determine the predictors of their quality of life. Methods: The target population for this cross-sectional
more » ... nalytical study was the lecturers and research assistants working in a medical faculty (n 419). It was aimed to reach all the population without making a sample selection. 77.6% of the population was successfully reached. Quality of life was measured by the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale Brief Form and Quality of Life Scale scores were calculated in the physical, psychological, social, environmental and national sub-areas (social pressure). Healthy lifestyle behaviours were measured by the Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours Scale-II. Scores were calculated for six sub-dimensions: spiritual development, health responsibility, physical activity, nutrition, interpersonal relationships and stress management. Independent t-test, Mann-Whitney U, analysis of variance, Kruskal-Wallis, Pearson correlation and multiple regression tests were used for statistical analysis.
doi:10.20518/tjph.763355 fatcat:rjhd2u62bzdafknuaone3hqbiq