SWOT Analysis for PCDM Development in Building Energy Conservation in China

Ying Qin, Li Zhang
2012 Energy Procedia  
Building energy conservation and emission reduction brooks no delay. PCDM is a new channel in this area. Based on the status of building energy efficiency, the process of PCDM development and feasibility analysis on the implementation of PCDM in building area, this article points out implementation barriers, such as no clear methodology, difficulty of approved baseline, complexity of management process, then puts forward suggestions to promote the application of PCDM projects in building energy
more » ... conservation. Energy is currently the world's attention, energy conservation is imperative. With society development, Building energy-consumption together with industry consumption and transportation consumption are named as "three big energy-hungry", and rising more. So building saving energy becomes very urgent. The required target of building saving energy will be attained up, financing is key, only replying on the subsity of government is limited, replying on bank loan has more risk, replying on owner's enthusiasm is low, so CDM(Clear and Development Mechanism ) is one good financing path, in China, CDM have showed large effect in wind power, water power, waste generation, and so on. But it has natural awkward in building area. Because of a single building emission reduction is a small area, with own character of emission reduction project, and no direct-application methodology. [1] On the listed table of methodology This paper is funded by Beijing Philosophy social science planning project (10BeJG336) * Ying Qin.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2012.01.029 fatcat:zvwqsdv3pvds3hjoipepoxfbjm