An Analysis of Local Wisdom Message through Inheritance Media in the East Java Society

M. Muslimin
2018 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Community Development (AMCA 2018)   unpublished
One of efforts in comprehending the phenomenon of inheritance media that have formed and evolved inside a society that is by comprehending the function of inheritance media based on sociocultural interaction. In order to comprehending the phenomenon of local wisdom message in the East Java people, Indonesia, by the implementation of inheritance media, then an appropriate functional theory will be applied. The basic considerations of the functional theory application, because this object of
more » ... this object of study is related with the society's habit in delivering certain message toward other societies (society culture and local wisdom) that consist of social institution, social relation, social system, and other applicable functions. A functional theory emphasizes on the society situation with the desire to keep the neatness of each component inside the society, also the desire to preserve the neatness by implement a professional work system that consists of conformity and stability through giving a serious attention toward the sociocultural change among the societies, so the functional theory is able to support in analyze the changes. Therefore, theoretically it can be likened that a social change consists of functional matters is able to create stability in the same time (positive function = functional). Otherwise, if the social change interferes the social stability, it is assumed as functional disorder (negative function = dysfunction).
doi:10.2991/amca-18.2018.25 fatcat:jm632snclfgk3oox7qylxbv5xe