Adoption the basis of spatial analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) techniques to development oil industry projects

Fanir Farooq O. Naji
2014 Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies  
It is recognized today that human lives the information age, which ischaracterized by the multiplicity of its data and the complexity of its aspects andthe most important thing is characterized by "information" that will determine theprogress of the people, the more able countries to devise ways to protect theinformation and how to make the best use of them whenever it is an indication ofits progress and its ability to face obstacles to development and the informationsources are diverse and
more » ... rrelated up to the level of complexity that they can beanalyzed and dealt with the existence of developed computer systems, that storedand processed the information .And because maps are also considered sources ofinformation which use in management and project planning, and being animportant means of connecting ideas and planning them so it necessitated the needfor the emergence of advanced systems have the ability to draw and designschemes and production of digital maps. With possibility of linking information(metadata) with the real location on the Earth's surface, called the (spatial data).The emergence of these systems are scientific leap on the in geographic scienceespecially spatial data that has accumulated over the centuries and resulted in ahuge amount of data and information. These systems added a lot in the field ofbuilding spatial database which can updating and help in treating maps accuratelyand effectively combines the advantages of the two systems (information systemsand systems of digital maps), which was named "GIS" systems which electronic NO.10digital competent to enter, store and retrieve, analyze data . And connect themwith large areas of maps that can not be saved on security on the paper. The data issaved with maps in a coherent manner so as to facilitate the user to display the datawith maps and several methods as well as a calculation processing to extract theresults and reports in a few time and effort and use them in decision-making whichhelps to speed the study and analysis the information and support decision-makersin a number of important decisions concerning projects which requires accuracyand speed.
doi:10.52716/jprs.v5i1.125 fatcat:halggevnbbapppdf2bgotrih6i