The mouse genome contains two nonallelic pro-opiomelanocortin genes

M Uhler, E Herbert, P D'Eustachio, F D Ruddle
1983 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
In the anterior pituitary pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) is the protein precursor to both adrenocorticotropin and beta-lipotropin but in the intermediate pituitary POMC serves as the precursor to alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone and beta-endorphin. In addition, POMC expression in the anterior pituitary is inhibited by glucocorticoids but stimulated by corticotropin-releasing factor while POMC expression in the intermediate lobe is not responsive to glucocorticoids but is inhibited by dopamine.
more » ... In this study we have asked whether tissue-specific processing and regulation of POMC could be related to the presence of more than one POMC gene. We report here that the mouse genome contains two POMC related gene sequences, alpha- and beta-POMC, that alpha-POMC is located on mouse chromosome 12 while beta-POMC is on a different chromosome, probably chromosome 19. Sequencing of phage lambda recombinants containing alpha- and beta-POMC sequences indicated that the alpha-POMC gene in mouse is very similar to the single POMC gene found in human, bovine, and rat genomes. The sequence of the mouse beta-POMC gene is quite different from that of the alpha-POMC gene. One important difference is that the beta-POMC gene has a translation stop signal in place of the first amino acid in beta-endorphin (Tyr). The beta-POMC gene has many features in common with the pseudogene of the beta-globin family.
pmid:6308009 fatcat:4t2v4pvpp5cobhbqaurefr76ci