Multi-hop optimal position based opportunistic routing for wireless sensor networks

C R Yamuna Devi, B Shivaraj, S. S. Iyengar, S H Manjula, K R Venugopal, L M Patnaik
Wireless sensor network is a collection of a group of sensors connected to monitor an area of interest. Installation flexibility, mobility, reduced cost and scalability have given popularity to wireless sensor networks. Opportunistic routing is a routing protocol that takes the advantage of broadcasting nature of wireless sensor network for multi-hop communication. Considering the importance of communication between sourcedestination pairs in a wireless sensor network a Multi-hop Optimal
more » ... n based Opportunistic Routing (MOOR) protocol is proposed in this paper. The algorithm chooses the path with minimum distance and number of hops between source and destination for transmission of data in the network. It is illustrated by simulation experiments that the proposed protocol has a good effect on End-to-End delay and lifetime of the network. In addition, it is observed that the average End-to-End delay is lesser for different simulation times when compared with existing EEOR protocol.
doi:10.1109/tenconspring.2014.6863009 fatcat:xbyq3hqbwvhlxmmrybzkkyjv6u