The method of vicryl frame formation in guided bone regeneration and dental implantation
Metodika formirovaniia vikrilovogo karkasa pri napravlennoĭ kostnoĭ regeneratsii i dental'noĭ implantatsii

M. V. Lomakin, I. I. Soloshchanskiy, A. A. Pokhabov, Kh. U. Bisultanov
2019 Stomatologiya  
The purpose of the article is to describe a new method of formation a situational vicryl frame (SVF) within the framework of improving the method of guided bone regeneration (GBR). The technique involves the use of woven resorbed filament of Polyglactin 5.0 (suture material on the example of Vicryl) and support-retaining titanium micro-screws as a formative aspect of the reconstruction. This is necessary to ensure the spatio-temporal stability of the combination of osteoplastic and barrier
more » ... ials - of the plastic substrate (PS), which determines the volume-forming aspect of the reconstruction. The method of formation of situational acrylic frame in GBR is based on the idea of increasing the clinical and prognostic efficiency of dental implantological treatment. The descriptive part is supplemented by the presented clinical case, the positive outcome of which is confirmed by a preliminary qualitative analysis of the histological material in the form of data on the presence of mature bone beams in the regenerate. The proof of practical significance, as well as clinical and prognostic efficiency of the proposed technique, is obtained by theoretical analysis.
doi:10.17116/stomat20199806151 pmid:31922511 fatcat:rs3o2r4lnbfzjhzt2jixxsyc3e