Geological exploration and industrial development of the Bilozerskyi iron ore region

O. A. Lysenko, R. P. Kolotiievskyi, A. S. Stankin
2020 Мінеральні ресурси України  
The latest information on geological and structural position and geological structure of deposits of rich iron ores of the Belozerskyi iron ore district is summarized, and the state of their industrial development is characterized. During the exploitation of the Pivdenno-Bilozirske and Pereverzivske deposits, due to geological study, mining exploration and additional exploration of deep horizons, specialized and feasibility study a significant amount of new geological data has been received.
more » ... s data allowed to clarify the position, morphology and internal structure of ore bodies, qualitative, physical and mechanical properties of ores and enclosing rocks, hydrogeological, geological, engineering and mining conditions. The article presents the results of the analysis and interpretation of the latest geological information and actual data on the mine development of deposits – modern views on the geological structure of objects, the characteristics of the basic natural conditions and parameters that affect the efficiency of industrial mining of rich iron ores. The state of geological prospecting in the region is very uneven. The most studied are the Pivdenno-Bilozirska and Pereverzivska fields, which are currently being developed. The rich iron ores of these deposits are classified as high quality in both Ukraine and Europe. These ores do not require beneficiation and are suitable for agglomeration and open-hearth process. This circumstance helps to reduce the cost of mining and increase the commercial efficiency. For the mine development of both deposits, a common infrastructure is used – permanent mine openings, mine shafts, support facilities and services. Joint development of the deposits will ensure the long-term stable operation of the plant without reducing the production of rich iron ores. The deposits are characterized by difficult mining and technical operating conditions. The ore deposits are covered by a cover up to 250–350 meters of loose water-saturated sedimentary deposits. The iron ore strata and the host rocks have heterogeneous physical and mechanical properties. Iron ores are mined using a productive level-room system. Empty rooms are filled consolidating stowing. The advanced drainage and continuous groundwater withdrawal from mines are used in the mining process. The progressive system of iron ores mining ensures: preservation of the productivity and quality of aquifers, which are used for municipal water supply; preservation of the earth's surface from avalanches and landslides in the mining area; stable environmental conditions at the plant area and in the surrounding area; efficiency and completeness of extraction of iron ores from the bowels; the optimal level of economic indicators of the enterprise.
doi:10.31996/mru.2020.3.3-12 fatcat:5r5ltbkpsfbhzensoykljehqlm