An Experimental Investigation to Facilitate an Improvement in the Design of an Electromagnetic Continuous Casting Mould

Lintao Zhang, Anyuan Deng, Engang Wang, Johann Sienz
2016 Processes  
An electromagnetic continuous casting mould designed is proposed with a non-uniform slit distribution structure. This design has aimed to reduce the number of slits so that the mould's strength is enhanced, whilst maintaining a similar metallurgy effect. In this paper, the metallurgy effect for the designed mould is investigated through the magnetic field distribution along the casting direction, the uniformity feature in the vicinity of the meniscus region, the temperature variation of the
more » ... ariation of the molten alloy pool and the mould wall. The results show that the designed mould achieved a similar effect as compared to the original mould; however, the configuration is simplified. This research highlights the topic of mould structure optimization, which would enable the Electromagnetic continuous casting (EMCC) technique to be utilized with greater ease by industry.
doi:10.3390/pr4020014 fatcat:hu2jhcq3m5c5vojxsmwn6sevjy