3D Landscape Mapping by Terrestrial and Airborne Laser Scanning. Životné prostredie

J Hofierka, J Šašak, J Šupinský, M Gallay, J Kaňuk, V Sedlák
2017 unpublished
A growing amount of landscape data is collected by laser scanning technology (LiDAR) and increasingly used in environmental research. Topographic LiDAR is widely recognised as a very progressive method of 3D data collection with unprecedented measurement accuracy and spatial detail. This study describes specific issues in the collection of landscape data by terrestrial and airborne laser scanning technology. Herein, we compare datasets acquired by these methods in The Slovenský kras Mts. case
more » ... udy area ("The Slovak Karst Mts."), and we discuss associated technological , methodological and application issues. The integration of laser scanning data from both methods in one small region provides a unique chance to highlight the great potential of high-resolution 3D data in environmental studies.