Preliminary Researches of Sperm Cryopreservation on Poliodon (Polyodon spathula) for Optimization of Spawning Biotechnology

Mioara Costache, Daniela Radu, Daniel Oprea, Mihail Costache, Cecilia Bucur, Carmen Nicolae
The paper presents the first experiments of sperm cryopreservation on poliodon (Polyodon spathula), recently acclimated sturgeon in Romania. The accomplished research has been to determine the effect of using methanol (MeOH) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as cryoprotectants in combination with two extenders (modified Tsvetkova's extender: mT and modified Hanks' balanced salt solution: mHBSS) on the spermatozoa motility and fertilization and hatching percentage of eggs by use of thawed sperm. The
more » ... f thawed sperm. The best post thawed motility (78±5%) was recorded using modified Tsvetkova's extender: mT with 1% MeOH, and the best fertilization and hatching percentage of eggs were achieved by using mT extender in combination with 5% MeOH. The results confirm data from literature (Detlaf et al. 1993, Mims et al. 2000, Akos Horvath et al. 2006) reporting that MeOH is a proper cryoprotectant for freezing poliodon sperm.