Buffer Cache Management of Smartphones Exploiting Write-Only-Once Characteristics
1회성 쓰기 참조 특성을 고려하는 스마트폰 버퍼캐쉬 관리 기법

Dohee Kim, Hyokyung Bahn
2015 The Journal of the Institute of Webcasting Internet and Telecommunication  
This paper analyzes file access characteristics of smartphone apps and finds that a large portion of file writes are performed only once. Based on this observation, we present a new buffer cache management scheme that considers this characteristics. Buffer cache improves storage performance by maintaining hot file data in memory thereby servicing subsequent requests without storage accesses. However, it should flush modified data to storage in order to resist system crashes. The proposed scheme
more » ... evicts cache data that has been written only once upon flushes, thus improving cache space utilization. Simulation experiments show that the proposed scheme improves cache hit ratio by 5-33% and power consumption by 27-92%.
doi:10.7236/jiibc.2015.15.6.129 fatcat:3wcxgh25kvbfvm4uvrktqu3nny