Perio-Aesthetic Treatment With Frenectomy and Crown Lengthening: A Case Report

Sri Pramesti Lastianny, Muhammad Yusuf
2022 KnE Medicine  
High frenum attachment has a detrimental effect on periodontal tissue and esthetics. High adhesion to the frenulum can lead to gingivitis and central diastema, which are indications for frenectomy. A better oral aesthetic appearance improves the overall appearance and personality and self-confidence when smiling. Short clinical crown is often a patient complaint, one of the causes being altered passive eruption. Objective: To describe the correction of high frenulum with frenectomy and
more » ... n of altered passive eruption with crown-lengthening surgery with ostectomy. Case Report: A 23-year-old patient presented to the periodontics clinic of Dental and Oral Hospitals Gadjah Mada University (RSGM UGM), with complaints of short front teeth and difficulty in cleaning the teeth in the maxillary anterior region. The management of high frenulum was done by frenectomy, followed by crown lengthening using a scalpel. Results: The four-week control showed corrected altered passive eruption and coral pink gingiva. Conclusion: Frenectomy is an action to overcome high frenulum which aims to prevent periodontal disease. Crown lengthening is a treatment for correction of functional and aesthetic disturbances associated with altered passive eruption. Keywords: frenectomy, altered passive eruption, crown lengthening
doi:10.18502/kme.v2i1.10863 fatcat:mxzno3myp5e2zhlplbxlfrodqq