Untitled ItemMinefield Clearing by Explosion of Fuel-Air Created in Exhaust Stream of Armored Vehicle [article]

Yurii Skob, Mykhaylo Ugryumov, Kostyantyn Korytchenko, Anatoliy Dovbnya, Anatoliy Syrotenko, Yuriy Kisternyi, Alexander Pleshkov, Alexander Smorodskiy
2020 Figshare  
Different local wars appear in the world regularly. As a rule, they are accompanied by wide application of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. Due to the relative cheapness of the mines, the scale of their application increases. The civil population becomes the main victim of mine weapon. A majority of them consists of women and children. According to UNO statistics, 110 million mines are set on the territory of 65 countries. Up to 10 thousand men perish on the abandoned minefields annually and
more » ... twice more of the people get heavy injury.Considerable losses are done because of the vast plots of land do not use in agricultural production also.The active use of mines during the battle actions is explained via few reasons. The main one is simplicity of the device and their application allowing to use it by a low-qualified personnel, cheapness of production making possible to acquire large parties of mines by price which is accessible even to terrorist organizations. Some types of anti-personnel mines cost three USA dollars presently and the anti-tank ones cost 75 US$. The cost of destroying of a mine is more than 300 US$. According to UNO data, expense on the demining of 1 m2 exceed 0.6 US$ by productivity of the field engineer equalled from 10 to 20 m2 per a day. It is an explanation of the low rate of the demining works in world. Therefore, the amount of the deposited mines exceeds the number of annihilated ones. 2÷5 million mines are annually set and a 100 thousand ones are extracted only. As a result, the common amount of the non-destroyed mines grew up to 130 million in world, and 33 billion dollars are required to neutralize it.The simple, high-productivity and relatively safe clearing method of the pressure-sensitive minefield by volume explosive is presented in the work. The feature of the offered method is an application of exhaust gas stream of heavy armoured vehicle for forming of fuel-air mixture and its spreading over minefield. Research results concern with Former Soviet Union armoured vehicles.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.11576865.v2 fatcat:u2j4xpkpajdvra77wn3fecdbqy