Spheres of Governance in the Global Linkage: Collapse of American Ambition and Transnational Advocacy Coalition Networks

2009 Interdisciplinary Information Sciences  
Globalization prompts governance activities to become more transnational and brought about the chain of reciprocal relations between multiple actors. Global governance is defined as the whole processes of making rules and norms and implementing governance activities to facilitate the coordination and interdependency of collective actions of multiple actors at the global, transnational regional, national, domestic regional, local levels. While there is no single polity like a world government,
more » ... world government, global governance does neither belong to a single hegemonic nation state, nor a single institution with a regulatory authority. As global governance activities are not limited to the activities of nation states, but should be carried by the activities of nonstate actors, they would be achieved through partnerships and participatory ways of multi-level actors by multiple linkages. Though globalization brings about two dimensional dynamics of convergence and divergence, the latter typical example was the 9/11 terrorist attacks. While we were faced with the dysfunction of the existing rules and norms, we were obliged to reconsider how to deconstruct the structure and architecture of global political framework. Over this point, we will consider the present situation of global political governance after American ambition to become a single hegemonic state was collapsed at that point of 9/11 and America had to change its unilateralism to multilateralism to carry the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And next, we will scrutinize what kind of theoretical framework can explain both global governance and global activities. We will introduce theories of hyper state centrism and hyper globalism and propose to make up the transnational advocacy coalition networks by the global linkages among positive actors.
doi:10.4036/iis.2009.125 fatcat:4uvtmsnayfcyrpahestgoybzi4