XXXIV Symposium on Hydroacoustics Jastarnia, Poland, May 23 – 26, 2017

2017 Archives of Acoustics  
This paper presents a new approach to sonar pulse detection. The method uses chirp rate estimators and algorithms for adaptive threshold, commonly used in radiolocation. The proposed approach allows detection of pulses of unknown parameters, which may be used in passive hydrolocation or jamming detection in underwater communication. Such an analysis is possible thanks to a new kind of imaging, which presents signal energy in function of chirp rate. The proposed method rely on chirp rate
more » ... on of received signal, and then calculation the local threshold level depends on noise and reverberations what makes it possible to detect a particular type of signal. Inertial Sensors Applications in Underwater Measurements Bikonis Krzysztof, Technological progress have made the use of remotely controlled objects moving on the surface and underwa-Unauthenticated Download Date | 7/28/18 7:44 PM
doi:10.1515/aoa-2017-0058 fatcat:erjvspfxg5fkpmnu7y6skvzgf4