Two Visual Training Paradigms Associated with Enhanced Critical Flicker Fusion Threshold

Tianyou Zhou, Jose E. Náñez, Daniel Zimmerman, Steven R. Holloway, Aaron Seitz
2016 Frontiers in Psychology  
Critical flicker fusion thresholds (CFFTs) describe when quick amplitude modulations of a light source become undetectable as the frequency of the modulation increases and are thought to underlie a number of visual processing skills, including reading. Here, we compare the impact of two vision-training approaches, one involving contrast sensitivity training and the other directional dot-motion training, compared to an active control group trained on Sudoku. The three training paradigms were
more » ... ared on their effectiveness for altering CFFT. Directional dot-motion and contrast sensitivity training resulted in significant improvement in CFFT, while the Sudoku group did not yield significant improvement. This finding indicates that dot-motion and contrast sensitivity training similarly transfer to effect changes in CFFT. The results, combined with prior research linking CFFT to high-order cognitive processes such as reading ability, and studies showing positive impact of both dot-motion and contrast sensitivity training in reading, provide a possible mechanistic link of how these different training approaches impact reading abilities.
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01597 pmid:27833569 pmcid:PMC5080338 fatcat:pcjiuyz7wzhdxgbrhvc3kydz5e