A History of Open Weather in New Zealand (HOWNZ): an open access 1-km resolution monthly 1910–2019 time-series of interpolated temperature and rainfall grids with associated uncertainty [post]

Thomas R. Etherington, George L. W. Perry, Janet M. Wilmshurst
2021 unpublished
Abstract. Long time-series of weather grids are fundamental to understanding how weather affects environmental or ecological patterns and processes such as plant distributions, plant and animal phenology, wildfires, and hydrology. Ideally such weather grids should be openly available and be associated with uncertainties so that users can understand any data quality issues. We present a History of Open Weather in New Zealand (HOWNZ) that uses climatological aided natural neighbour interpolation
more » ... o provide monthly 1-km resolution grids of total rainfall, mean air temperature, mean daily maximum air temperature, and mean daily minimum air temperature across New Zealand from 1910 to 2019. HOWNZ matches the best available temporal extent and spatial resolution of any open weather grids that include New Zealand, and is unique in providing associated spatial uncertainty in appropriate units of measurement. The HOWNZ weather and uncertainty grids capture the dynamic spatial and temporal nature of the monthly weather variables and the uncertainty associated with the interpolation. We also demonstrate how to quantify and visualise temporal trends across New Zealand that recognise the temporal and spatial variation of uncertainties in the HOWNZ data. The HOWNZ data is openly available at https://doi.org/10.7931/zmvz-xf30 (Etherington et al., 2021).
doi:10.5194/essd-2021-303 fatcat:tpwvea52xnenbjrm3bkpgvftny