Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on potatoes production in Ethiopia: A review

Workat Sebnie Kahsay, Manuel Tejada Moral
2019 Cogent Food & Agriculture  
Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for all living organisms. They are critical determinants of plant growth and productivity. Hence, plants require these elements relatively in large amount. Despite the fact that, due to serious land degradation problem availability of those nutrients are depleted and the problem is common in the highland areas of Ethiopia. This paper is a review on application of inorganic fertilizer (nitrogen and phosphorus) for maximization of potato yield.
more » ... potato yield. Different researches conducted in the country shows that potato yield is declined due to an inadequate application of nutrient especially nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are the most limiting factors. Increasing application of nitrogen and phosphorus can maximize the yield and yield component of potato throughout the country. However, most farmers of the country have understood the importance of fertilizers, but due to different reasons they are not applying the fertilizers as recommendation. Lack of credit availability, high cost of fertilizer and lack of awareness on the use of organic fertilizer are the most limiting factors that affect the use of fertilizer. To feed the everincreasing population of the country use of fertilizer is not an unsparing concern. Therefore, the application of fertilizer is one of the only means to maximize the production of potato for smallholder farmers to make their food security sustainable.
doi:10.1080/23311932.2019.1572985 fatcat:infaqg4csnhy3cke75x6vxkyqq