A preliminary inventory of weevil AssemBlages (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) in Kharkiv metropolitan area (Ukraine) using pitfall traps

V. Yu. Nazarenko
2020 Zoodiversity  
A Preliminary Inventory of Weevil Assemblages (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) in Kharkiv Metropolitan Area (Ukraine) Using Pitfall Traps. Nazarenko, V. Yu., Putchkov, A. V., Komaromi, N. A. -Species composition, the ecological structure and the occurrence characteristics of weevils (Curculionoidea) in the stratobios of the main urban habitats of Kharkiv were studied. 59 species from 41 genera and three families were registered. Curculionoidea comprises 31.5 % of the coleopterofauna of stratobios.
more » ... una of stratobios. Approximately 10 species are attributed to dominants (2-3 species are eudominants). 40 species are ranked as random and 9 species are rare in the stratobios. 4 species of Curculionoidea (Cyanapion columbinum, Curculio rubidus, Otiorhynchus albidus, Tropiphorus micans) are recorded for the fi rst time in the Left bank foreststeppe zone of Ukraine. Th e values of the main indices of species diversity were low, which may indicate a signifi cant oligodominance of Curculionoidea in all urban habitats. Most of species are herba-and dendrobionts (14-17), but almost all of them are registered as random (27) or rare (4) elements. 26 species associated with stratobios (among which most dominants elements are recorded). Species associated with meadows (21) and forests, or eurytopic species (14) are dominants in the samples; by trophic links -oligo-(32) and polyphagous species (24) were prevailed. 45 species prefer mesophilic habitats. Th e number of eurytopic mesophilous polyphagous stratogeobionts were maximal. Th e largest number of species (25-33) were documented in vegetation of the outskirts and household plots of city compared to the city parks and plantings of the center (18-19), but minimumly (12) in forest. Th e spectrum of ecological groups was also minimal in a forest, but the maximum is in the plantings of periphery and household plots of the city. Faunistic similarity was slightly more than 0.20, which may indicate specifi c and signifi cant diff erences in the species composition of weevils in diff erent urban habitats of Kharkiv. K e y w o r d s : Coleoptera, Curculinoidea, fauna, ecological structure, similarity, urban habitats, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Zoodiversity, 54 (2): 123-132, 2020
doi:10.15407/zoo2020.02.123 fatcat:xe235bsccrcozkt2unzsx6dgly