Three-dimensional modeling work acoustic burners tubular furnaces

D. B. Vafin, M. A. Butyakov
2017 Proceedings of the higher educational institutions ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS  
As part of the differential method for calculating complex heat transfer in furnaces held a three-dimensional calculation of temperature and velocity fields of gaseous combustion products when using acoustic burner flame grazing type AGG. The method is based on the joint numerical solution of finite difference analogue of three-dimensional equations of radiation transport, energy, turbulent flow of flue gas and methane combustion model in the air. To account for the selectivity of heat
more » ... ty of heat radiation region is divided into six strips. A diagram showing the organization of a three-dimensional simulation of the burner. Results isotherm flatness of the wall around the burner and combustion products in the various sections of the furnace, and also shows the direction of movement of the combustion products.
doi:10.30724/1998-9903-2016-0-9-10-48-55 doaj:82a6fe2a6ee14bbda33829766c7b9434 fatcat:ufvsvztjqrhlzn4p5yqsyqsahi