K. Naumik
2013 Economics of Development  
The study of the communicational process as a part of socioeconomic system is becoming increasingly important in the world and in Ukraine, especially in the case of development of the information society. The author examined research approaches to modelling the process of communication existing in management and economics in the article. The differences in the approaches to the definition of communication cause differences in the representation of the structure of the communication process. The
more » ... cation process. The author divided the existing models of communication into three classes: classical, linear and non-linear models, made a comparative analysis of their elements. Classical and linear approaches to modelling the communication processes have a distinct advantage, i.e. the simplicity of presenting communication mechanism. However, this advantage is also the main disadvantage. First, the obvious problem of classical and linear models is the assumption that communication flows in one direction only: from the sender to the recipient. Secondly, only one message is considered in the communication process. Thirdly, according to these models, it is believed that the message defines the beginning and end of the communication. Fourthly, the communication is considered as a process performed by only one person, speaking to the other. This is, in author's opinion, an artificial simplification.The article shows the importance of the motivation and activity approach to the study of communication process in the economy. At the heart of any communication performance is the category "word" (or message, information). But there are other key issues in the contemporary study of communication: who, what and how to ensure the dissemination of information. The author believes that the communication process must be considered in terms of motivation and activity approach and the need must be the initial phase of the communication process. Thus, the logic will be a review of the communication process as need-oriented, where the priority is to satisfy t [...]
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