High-Yield, In Vitro Protein Expression Using a Continuous-Exchange, Coupled Transcription/Translation System

G.A. Martin, R. Kawaguchi, Y. Lam, A. DeGiovanni, M. Fukushima, W. Mutter
2001 BioTechniques  
The Rapid Translation System (RTS 500) (Roche Molecular Biochemicals) is a high-yield protein expression system that utilizes an enhanced E. coli lysate for an in vitro transcription/translation reaction. In contrast to conventional transcription/translation, this system allows protein expression to continue for more than 24 h. We demonstrated the utility of the RTS 500 by expressing different soluble and active proteins that generally pose problems in cell-based expression systems. We first
more » ... ressed GFP-lunasin, a fusion protein that, because of its toxicity, has been impossible to produce in whole cells. The second protein we expressed, human interleukin-2 (IL-2), is generally difficult to produce, either as the native molecule or as a GST fusion protein, in a soluble form in bacteria. Finally, we demonstrated the capacity of the RTS 500 to co-express proteins, by the simultaneous production of GFP and CAT in a single reaction. This new technology appears to be particularly useful for the convenient production of preparative amounts (100-900 µ g) of proteins that are toxic or insoluble in cell-based systems.
doi:10.2144/01314pf01 pmid:11680726 fatcat:hpfnebgx2zfxlmmhwzv2oa7jqi