A Qualitative Study on Microwave Remote Sensing and Challenges Faced in India Parismita A Kashyap

Don Bosco
2017 unpublished
Over the past few decades remote sensing has expanded its limits with exponential rise in technology that facilitates accurate data fetching in real time. In view of some of the major problems faced by developing nations, particularly India with its recent advancement in space technology, remote sensing has a vital role to play in resolving many such problems. In the light of recent Global Space Programs where several satellites have been launched for large area mapping using microwave sensors,
more » ... microwave remote sensing can play a vital role as India experiences a large number of disasters every year. Also, majority of Indian population relies on farming for their livelihood. Microwave remote sensing can have significant effects in both these two scenarios as opposed to its conventional counterpart, optical remote sensing under diverse conditions and facilitate better results in terms of disaster management, prediction and increasing crop yield. The current paper brings out the various details on the work done by using active microwave remote sensing, with specific illustrative examples, for disaster management support, crop management techniques and the challenges associated on carrying out such researches in a diverse terrain like India.