Workmen's Model Houses

1856 Scientific American  
a pinion, an escapement, and a double ratchet, a regulator, which shall distribute time about to be built in Paris, in groups of fifty, with a mllans of reversing the current; two throughout the district, both to public lamps each group forming a square, with an open wires pass from the lamp to a regulating and private houses. space in the center. Each house is to accom-. __ . _ _______ � clock situated in the apartment of M. Breguet. '4 _ • modate six families, 9.t a rent of about $26
more » ... about $26 ===================-This inventor proposes to divide Paris into 12 Workmen'. Model Houaes. to each. Each group is to have a public bake-Rotation 0 f 8Jlherolds.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10111856-40c fatcat:w6hiwzhqrbajhksqdac76jllfi