Contextual modulation of a multifunctional central pattern generator

S. Ramakrishnan, B. Arnett, A. D. Murphy
2014 Journal of Experimental Biology  
The multifunctional buccal central pattern generator in snails, which controls different oral behaviors, has been well characterized. In this work we propose a role for the group of about 40 electrotonically coupled buccal A cluster cells as a context-dependant switch for the buccal central pattern generator, modulating motor patterns that elicit different oral behaviors. We characterize these cells based on location and morphology, and provide evidence for their selective activation under two
more » ... ifferent stimuli -Listerine perfusion and intestinal nerve stimulation -triggering buccal motor patterns putatively underlying egestion and substrate cleaning. A new role for these electrotonically coupled buccal A cluster neurons is shown. They serve as a context-dependant switch that alters buccal motor patterns depending on input stimuli, thereby eliciting the appropriate behavioral response.
doi:10.1242/jeb.086751 pmid:25189372 fatcat:ch6mqn5sjrft3dkf7ahujdztqm