Nghiên cứu ương ấu trùng tôm chân trắng (Litopenaeus vannamei) theo công nghệ biofioc với các nguồn carbon bổ sung khác nhau

Châu Tài Tảo, Trần Nguyễn Duy Khoa, Nguyễn Văn Hòa, Trần Ngọc Hải
2020 Can Tho University Journal of Science  
The aim of this study was to identify suitable carbon sources for the growth and survival of larvae of white-leg shrimp nursed in tanks with biofloc technology. The experiment was conducted with five treatments: (i) no carbon supplement (control), (ii) carbon supplement from wheat flour, (iii) carbon supplement from rice bran, (iv) carbon supplement from wheat and rice bran at a ratio of 50:50 and (v) carbon supplement from sugar. Each treatment was triplicated. The experimental tank was 500
more » ... ers in volume. Stocking density was 150 larvae/liter and water salinity was 30‰. Results of the experiment showed that the body length of 12-day old postlarvae (PL12) in the sugar treatment (10.18±0.15mm) was the highest and significantly different (p<0.05) compared to the control but not significantly different (p>0.05) compared to the other treatments. The survival rate (52±5.1%) and productivity (78±8 larvae/liter) of PL12 in the sugar treatment were also the highest and significantly different (p<0.05) compared to those of the others. This study showed that the sugar was the most suitable carbon source for nursing whiteleg shrimp larvae in biofloc systems.
doi:10.22144/ctu.jsi.2020.035 fatcat:2l3k4ca3ibfgvcv7lxeldtb2rm