Physical Properties and Sensory Attribute of Soup Made from Modified Wheat Starch

Kazuko Hirao, Sanae Nagata, Fumiko Naito, Hideko Sorimachi, Setsuko Takahashi
2005 Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi  
Soups were made from three chemically double-modified (hydroxypropylated and cross-linked) wheat starches, and their physical properties and sensory attribute were compared with that made from native wheat starch and chemically double-modified waxy maize starches. The pastes of modified wheat starches were lower in pasting temperature, smaller in breakdown, and higher in the viscosity at 50 °C compared with native wheat starch paste. The soups made from highly cross-linked modified starches,
more » ... and W46, did not change in apparent viscosity and texture properties as well as did not show syneresis upon storing at low temperature and freeze-thaw cycles. Thus, those starches showed high stability at storing low temperature. Viscosities in low order M465, W4, W46 and W42. Sensory evaluation showed that the soups of hydroxypropyl cross-linked starch were preferred in smell, taste, smoothness, easy to swallow, firmness, and overall evaluation. In paticular, the soup (15 °C, 60 °C) of highly double-modified starch, W46, had good smell and taste, and was smooth, easy to swallow, stickiness firmness, and overall evaluation, and it was preferred at all items. M465 was not preferred because of the high viscosity, the low viscosity, and the taste and smell, respectively.
doi:10.1678/rheology.33.67 fatcat:j7xzj4ba4bb7hgfx6s5anituzi