Researches Concerning to Minimize Vibrations when Processing Normal Lathe

Lenuța Cîndea, Cornelia Victoria Anghel Drugărin, Oana Codruța Hamat, Dan Pîrșan, Cornel Hațiegan
2015 Analele Universităţii "Eftimie Murgu" Reşiţa: Fascicola I, Inginerie  
In the cutting process, vibration is inevitable appearance, and in situations where the amplitude exceeds the limits of precision dimensional and shape of the surfaces generated vibrator phenomenon is detrimental.Field vibration is an issue of increasingly developed, so the futures will a better understanding of them and their use even in other sectors.The paper developed experimental measurement of vibrations at the lathe machining normal. The scheme described kinematical machine tool, cutting
more » ... chine tool, cutting tool, cutting conditions, presenting experimental facility for measuring vibration occurring at turning. Experimental results have followed measurement of amplitude, which occurs during interior turning the knife without silencer incorporated. The tests were performed continuously for different speed, feed and depth of cut.
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