Insecticidal Exposure may be the cause of Progression of Immune Disorders and Inflammatory Diseases Through Dys-Regulation of Cytokines

Latif Ahmad, Muhammad Zahoor-ul-Hassan Dogar
2016 International Archives of BioMedical and Clinical Research  
Industrial revolution has dangerously increased the load of environmental or environmentally induced diseases. Recently, the insecticides (a class of pesticides killing various insects) have become one of the most important environmental pollutants. This Review discusses the association of insecticides, cytokines dys-regulation and the development of immuno-regulatory disorders and chronic inflammatory conditions. In spite of abundant reviewing and reporting of various immuno-inflammatory
more » ... -inflammatory diseases individually, efforts lack to understand the central pathological mechanism underlying these diseases collectively. The cytokines are extensively involved in inter-cellular communications; they are regarded attractive markers for risk stratification or patient prognosis. In this Review, an understanding has been generated about the role of various receptors, genes and signaling pathways etc. in the trianglular link of cytokines, immuno-inflammatory diseases and insecticides. Such role, in a number of instances, had been those of (1) a receptor tyrosine kinase designated as c-kit or SCF receptor and (2) NFκB, the most excellently described transcription factor. The conclusion of the Review is that insecticides are linked with increasing susceptibility to various diseases especially any type of chronic inflammation through cytokine dys-regulation. Moreover, insecticidal toxicity can cause deviations in certain parameters of diagnosis. So insecticide applicators must be stressed to ensure only recommended doses and formulations of insecticides if really necessary.
doi:10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.3.4 fatcat:nkanesqetje7hchxqkrir4vzie