Graph Entropies in Texture Segmentation of Images [chapter]

Martin Welk
2016 Mathematical Foundations and Applications of Graph Entropy  
We study the applicability of a set of texture descriptors introduced in recent work by the author to texture-based segmentation of images. The texture descriptors under investigation result from applying graph indices from quantitative graph theory to graphs encoding the local structure of images. The underlying graphs arise from the computation of morphological amoebas as structuring elements for adaptive morphology, either as weighted or unweighted Dijkstra search trees or as edge-weighted
more » ... xel graphs within structuring elements. In the present paper we focus on texture descriptors in which the graph indices are entropy-based, and use them in a geodesic active contour framework for image segmentation. Experiments on several synthetic and one real-world image are shown to demonstrate texture segmentation by this approach. Forthermore, we undertake an attempt to analyse selected entropy-based texture descriptors with regard to what information about texture they actually encode. Whereas this analysis uses some heuristic assumptions, it indicates that the graph-based texture descriptors are related to fractal dimension measures that have been proven useful in texture analysis.
doi:10.1002/9783527693245.ch7 fatcat:buxznt7mjjemdpoulpzqh5psy4