Photoresponsivity enhancement in monolayer MoS2 by rapid O2:Ar plasma treatment

Jakub Jadwiszczak, Gen Li, Conor P. Cullen, Jing Jing Wang, Pierce Maguire, Georg S. Duesberg, James G. Lunney, Hongzhou Zhang
2019 Applied Physics Letters  
We report up to ten-fold enhancement of the photoresponsivity of monolayer MoS$_2$ by treatment with O$_2$:Ar (1:3) plasma. We characterize the surface of plasma-exposed MoS$_2$ by TEM, Raman and PL mapping and discuss the role of MoO$_x$ in improving the photocurrent generation in our devices. At the highest tested laser power of 0.1 mW, we find ten-fold enhancements to both the output current and carrier field-effect mobility under the illumination wavelength of 488 nm. We suggest that the
more » ... suggest that the improvement of electrical performance is due to the surface presence of MoO$_x$ resulting from the chemical conversion of MoS$_2$ by the oxygen-containing plasma. Our results highlight the beneficial role of plasma treatment as a fast and convenient way of improving the properties of synthetic 2D MoS$_2$ devices for future consideration in optoelectronics research.
doi:10.1063/1.5086726 fatcat:jhjsfol5wnfkhkyrtgd3yanbze