Four-dimensional lattice rules generated by skew-circulant matrices

J. N. Lyness, T. Sørevik
2003 Mathematics of Computation  
We introduce the class of skew-circulant lattice rules. These are s-dimensional lattice rules that may be generated by the rows of an s × s skewcirculant matrix. (This is a minor variant of the familiar circulant matrix.) We present briefly some of the underlying theory of these matrices and rules. We are particularly interested in finding rules of specified trigonometric degree d. We describe some of the results of computer-based searches for optimal four-dimensional skew-circulant rules.
more » ... es determining optimal rules for δ = d + 1 ≤ 47, we have constructed an infinite sequence of rulesQ(4, δ) that has a limit rho index of 27/34 ≈ 0.79. This index is an efficiency measure, which cannot exceed 1, and is inversely proportional to the abscissa count.
doi:10.1090/s0025-5718-03-01534-5 fatcat:bxlttbnvabhftcyjkkfnd5oumq