Evaluation of cord blood ischemia modified albumin and mean platelet volume in infants of preeclamptic mothers

Ayşen Sumru KAVURT, Fatma İYİGÜN, Nihal DEMİREL, Dilek ULUBAS ISİK, Şafak ÖZDEMİRCİ, Ahmet Yağmur BAŞ
2021 Türk Kadın Sağlığı ve Neonatoloji Dergisi  
Aim: Oxidative stress (OS) is a known cause of placental dysfunction, thus may be causally related to preeclampsia and small for gestational age infant (SGA). We aimed to investigate cord blood ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) and mean platelet volüme (MPV) levels in neonates born to mothers with preeclampsia and correlate the determined levels with beeing SGA. Material and Method: A prospective controlled study was conducted. Fifty infants of mothers with preeclampsia, 40 healthy neonates of
more » ... lthy mothers were included. Cord blood IMA and MPV levels were measured in infants of mothers with preeclampsia. The role of cord blood IMA levels to predict beeing SGA was also investigated. Results: Cord blood IMA and MPV levels of infants of preeclamptic mothers were significantly higher compared to controls. Serum IMA levels were significantly higher in SGA infants compared to appropirate for gestational age (AGA) infants (p=0.018), however MPV levels were similar in both groups (p=0.735). Conclusion: According to this study cord blood IMA and MPV levels may be considered useful as a simple measure of OS status in infants of mothers with preeclampsia. However, further studies with larger samples will be necessary to determine usefulness of these markers in clinical practice.
doi:10.46969/ezh.1039409 fatcat:zxg4ot6c4nhzbhufw6w2hzwqhu